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Tunesify vs. Tunesify Lite

The full version of Tunesify offers many features not available in Tunesify Lite. These features are detailed in the tables below. Using Tunesify Lite will allow you to determine if your audio files are compatible with Tunesify before purchasing on the Mac App Store. Even if Tunesify Lite has all of the features you need, please consider purchasing Tunesify or liking our Facebook page to show your support. Tunesify Lite is available for free on the Mac App Store.

Features Tunesify Tunesify Lite
Choose Output Folder Yes No
Customize Automatic Mode Yes No
Choose Audio Bitrates Yes No
Choose Encoding Strategies Yes No
64-bit Yes No
Simultaneous Conversions Up to # of CPU cores 1
Convert YouTube Videos To Audio Files Yes 30 seconds only

Input Formats Tunesify Tunesify Lite
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Yes Yes
WMA (Windows Media Audio) Yes 30 seconds only
Ogg Vorbis Yes 30 seconds only
Ogg Vorbis Yes 30 seconds only
WavPack Yes 30 seconds only
Monkey's Audio Yes 30 seconds only
Many More Yes 30 seconds only

Output Formats Tunesify Tunesify Lite
Apple Lossless Yes Yes
iTunes Plus (AAC) Yes Yes
MP3 Yes 30 seconds only
WAV Yes Yes